We have received the following introduction on GoBe 2 from the hugely popular YouTuber Yuka Kinoshita.

■GoBe features

GoBe 2 is a wearable terminal that can automatically record the calories ingested & burned,as well as the energy balance, by simply attaching the device to your wrist.
The GoBe 2 sensors measure the balance of water & the reaction of the skin to detect the condition of stress. 
GoBe 2 has six built-in piezo, impedance sensors & an accelerometer, sends low-frequency signals through your skin to measure the glucose in the cells of your body & automatically stores the data on the calories ingested & burned after about 15 or 20 minutes after eating. 
GoBe2 is a wearable product that allows users to automatically record data on the calories ingested & burned, heart rates, stress levels, dormancy states & permeation levels of water in the body & then displays the data in graphs for each day via the Web or smartphones so that users can monitor the conditions of health. 
GoBe 2 can measure the fundamental properties of the body based on proprietary technologies & algorithms that provide accurate data (calories ingested & burned, number of steps, energy balance, dormancy state, stress level & heart rate). 
The accuracy of personal data in the profile & the adequacy of wearing the GoBe 2 are both important factors in acquiring accurate data.
Calories ingested

GoBe 2 automatically measures & records the calories ingested with an accuracy of 85% with respect to foods of 100 to 800 calories.
For this reason, GoBe 2 eliminates the need for you to record the data manually, make assumptions and read food content labels.
Calories burned

GoBe 2 measures the calories burned per day, the number of steps per day & the total distance moved per day.
GoBe 2 assumes the calories ingested for physical activities, digestion & the basic functions of the body.

GoBe 2 makes excellent use of three sensors (acceleration sensor, impedance sensor, piezo pressure sensor) for automatic calorie management. 
GoBe 2 can totally understand the condition of the entire body owing to its advanced algorithm.
This information helps you achieve the goal of fitness & enjoy a healthy & well-balanced daily life. 
Energy Balance

GoBe 2 calculates the number of calories ingested & compares it with the number of calories burned.
Besides, GoBe 2 automatically records you energy balance, checks the data on the Healbe GoBe application & displays the information in real time.

Number of step

GoBe 2 records the number of steps with a built-in nine-axis acceleration meter & measures your physical exertion & activity level.
Besides, GoBe 2 counts the number of steps while walking.
The information on the number-of-steps is displayed in the Energy section.


GoBe 2 calculates the distance by multiplying your stride (length of one step) by the number of steps.
The initial value for your stride is assumed based on your height.
Distance data is displayed in the Energy section.
Heart rate

Let's check your heart rate automatically and periodically with GoBe 2.
Your heart rate is updated every 10 seconds.
This function aids you in reviewing your daily lifestyle and increasing the amount of training to maximum.
Balance of water
The body differs from person to person. GoBe 2 learns your balance of water.
GoBe 2 automatically tracks your replacement-of-water level and notifies you of any significant drop if it occurs.
Balance of water 

GoBe 2 tracks your sleep state and performs a wake-up operation during REM sleep so that you can get up feeling good.
Stress Level

GoBe 2 calculates your stress level depending on your heart rate, activity level, and information about your health and sleep cycle.

Status of feeling

GoBe 2 helps you take care of your body and enjoy a healthy life by sensing any physical symptoms from stress based on your skin reactions and allowing you to recognize your status by yourself. 
Introduces how to charge GoBe 2 and associated applications.
Product specifications
Introduces the specifications of the GoBe 2 product. 
Frequently asked question (FAQ)
Lists questions from customers. 


GoBe 2 is being used throughout the world by many people regardless of nationality, age and sex.
You can wear GoBe 2 without feeling uncomfortable because of its good fit to your skin. GoBe 2 allows you to start measurements as soon as you get up in the morning and effectively causes a change in your daily life.

■About GoBe 2 design

GoBe 2 was designed by the world-class artist Jozeph Forakis.
He said the following about the design of GoBe 2.
"GoBe is a luxury product with high sensitivity to details like a jewel."
Jozeph Forakis
イタリア ミラノの建築家
After earning a master's degree at the Domus Academy in Italy, he participated in various projects and research studies for the amalgamation of design and ergonomics. His workmanship as a designer has been appreciated because of his continuous study of the innovative use of raw materials and production technologies and the effects of digital technologies on products and common objects.

Based in Milan, he made strategic design activities in cooperation with a variety of international clients, such as Foscarini, LG Electronics, Magis, Nemo, Philips, Swarovsky, Swatch, and Tecno, in the fields of home furniture, personal accessories, and consumer electronics. He has won design awards many times, his work has been described in such publications as SPOON (Phaidon), International Design Yearbooks (Laurence King), and Design Now (Taschen), and his work has been exhibited in many galleries and museums throughout the world.

GoBe's body has been made of high-quality, lightweight alloy. In addition, the device has a high degree of resistance to shock and moisture.
The ergonomics-based GoBe band has been made of low allergy silicone and a new band style with a variety of personalized colors in will be introduce in the near future.

The innovative micro-perforation display employs built-in discrete micro LEDs fabricated by machining on a smooth metal surface with a precious alignment that displays all body-related information in a new manner.

GoBe provides you with a soft wearing feeing and a good fit to your skin.
Official partner site in Japan
Y4.com concluded an exclusive contract in Japan with HEALBE with respect to the sales of GoBe 2 exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 held in January 2016 as a conference for top-of-the-line technologies in Las Vegas.