Better daily life based on future visions
The personnel of will consider human lifestyles of the incoming 5G environment and take advantage of IoT technologies to provide products and services that make daily life more comfortable and affluent.

Please feel free to contact us for IoT-related matters.

Application license
We can license secondary rights based on licenses for domestic and overseas IoT currently developed, as well as licenses granted from game vendors, in addition to handling the negotiations for products and services not domestically available yet and license agreements in new areas.
Application distribution
We can distribute licensed applications and the associated services to domestic major carriers and MVNOs that are considering entry into the application market.
IoT distribution service
We provide open-type healthcare IoT services dedicated to customers of corporations and close-type healthcare IoT services dedicated to the members of corporations.
Data aggregation
We prepare statistical data through the aggregation of the data acquired via IoT services and provide useful data aggregation services for our partners.
Planning of IoT projects
We aid in the planning of IoT products, including OEM, along with your expectations more rapidly by taking advantage of the relationships with domestic and overseas development vendors and our expertise.
IoT project consulting
We provide consulting services for IoT projects to both private corporations and public organizations and make contributions for matching the best-suited products and services and IoT project practice.
We can make plans and practice projects to meet a variety of needs, such as
the need to promote customer health management through IoT services,
the need to know customer trends in more detail and improve the existing services with the aid of IoT,
the need to promote in-house present health management for members, and
the need to promote distribution of the existing wonderful IoT products.
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